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A day in the life of a SEEK Architect

17 Feb 2014

The way we employ technology plays a crucial role in SEEK meeting its strategic goals, and the entire architect team leads and oversees much of the evaluation, introduction and design of new technologies into SEEK’s technology landscape. Understanding the business’ needs and identifying the capabilities needed to meet those needs is an important role for the Architects within our Technology team. We caught up with our very own Solution Architect to discuss his role here at SEEK HQ and what it’s like to walk a day in his shoes. Think seller, haggler, evangelist, coach, shepherd and you have James Wright. A typical day for him goes a little like this: 9:00 am -  Meet with...

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Using social media to recruit for user testing

11 Feb 2014

Our User Experience team here at SEEK are constantly striving to get faster feedback on early stages of our designs so we can iterate quickly and not over invest. We recently saw an opportunity to recruit people who are fans of SEEK to test our designs as they would have an invested interest in giving us feedback. To do this we used tweets with information about the location, reward...

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A big year ahead for SEEK

06 Feb 2014

15 years ago SEEK changed the way people found jobs and sourced talent in Australia and New Zealand. We're going to do it again – with the aim to evolve SEEK beyond being the biggest job site.  We want to be the fastest and easiest source to find the most relevant role or candidate.  What we are working on To help us become the fastest and easiest way to find the most relevant role or...

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Product boot camp with our international partners

28 Jan 2014

Since 2006 SEEK has set it's sites beyond our shores and have been actively investing in similar job boards  across the globe. Fast forward 7 years and we can now say that we have the biggest audience of any job board in the world,with partial or full ownership of job boards in China, Souteast Asia, Brazil, Mexico, and, East and West Africa. Working with our International Partners has...

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A new design for our profile form

22 Jan 2014

Here at SEEK we are in the process of updating some of the technologies that we are working with and also the front end design of our products to better meet user needs and provide us with more flexible platforms going forward.   A key area that we have recently re-designed and re-architected is our new Profile   form.   The profile form was originally developed asa traditional...

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Thinking like a start up

14 Jan 2014

In November last year we held our inaugural SEEK Hackathon which saw our Product, Strategy  and IT teams jump in and focus on innovation for 2 days.  While hackathons are not a new concept, it was our first, and it was great to see the business ‘down tools’ on our stream work and focus entirely on the hacks for two days. The enthusiasm from the rest of the business really helped us come...

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