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Online & Search Behaviours of Blind Users

18 Apr 2017

Blind computer users often rely on the keyboard only 1 in 5 Australians are living with disability [ 1 ] including 357,000 individuals who are blind or have low vision [ 2 ]. There are some depressing facts around employment and people with disabilities: Graduates with disability take longer to gain fulltime employment than other graduates [ 3 ] People aged 15–64...

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Building Blocks for Search Linguistics — dogs, canines & other furry things

13 Apr 2017

When you think about getting relevant results for your queries, the last thing on your mind is Search Architecture. But, I’m going to explain why you should spend time on it to get the best out of matching terms or facet selections to the documents returned. Are you thinking that we just need to search against an index? Let’s look at the phrase “ the dog walked into the room, it was...

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Four things we learnt from facilitating usability testing sessions with blind users

12 Apr 2017

Recently two of my colleagues ( Todd Moore , Stephanie Moss ) and I tested parts of SEEK ’s site with vision impaired users. It was my first time facilitating usability sessions with users who entirely rely on screen readers to navigate the web. We learnt a lot of specific things about our site — things that worked and things we needed to improve However, there were four things we...

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Thanks Prycey, from SEEK! The Agile Legacy

31 Jan 2017

Dave Pryce has been smiling up the teams of SEEK for over nine years. Having started as a Business Analyst straight from Europe he quickly joined the conversation about ‘how can we work better’. Even before the ‘agile transformation’, we always were looking for ways to reduce documentation, and chunking down the work. SEEK embarked on the transformation journey after a business...

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Team Health Check for focusing next improvement

18 Jan 2017

Team health and professional fulfilment for individuals within a team is super important to us. The SEEK unified purpose “to help people live more fulfilling and productive working lives and help organisations succeed” stands for us as much as it does the communities that we serve. A number of different team health conversations happen around SEEK. Recently one of our great Data Services...

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Press the pink button — Designing for colour blind users

17 Jan 2017

We use colour as a signifier for people, places and things all the time. Probably more than you realise. “Who is she again?” “The girl with the pink hair.” “Where are we going for lunch?” “The orange painted cafe.” “Which container?” “The yellow one.” Without colour, these nouns can be harder to describe. The most distinctive thing about the girl with the pink hair is, probably, her hair. How do you explain her to a colour blind person? What do you see? If you can’t see the number you may have from colourblindness (via ) What number do you see in the above image? You should have seen 57. If you see 35, or no number, you likely...

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