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Rebuilding the foundations of search

09 Jan 2014

We set ourselves a huge challenge over the course of this last year to replace the search platform that supports our job search on SEEK. It wasn’t just a case of partnering with the best search platform and focusing a seamless integration, but a massive task to ‘clean up our backyard’ by fully understanding our current search processes and how we’d be able to migrate them to the new platform. This began a long process of decoupling stages of our search to implement the platform backed by a new API.

To help SEEK provide the most efficient search and matching process we knew we needed to partner with a world class search platform. After a thorough selection process we partnered with Cloudview, provided by Exalead. The Cloudview platform provides an opportunity to create a global community with the company’s existing clients like BBC Online and Right Move, so that we can share ideas, challenges and feedback to ensure our system continually improves. Partnering with a platform such as Cloudview has enabled us to not only seamlessly transition from our old platform, but to also set up a path of ongoing enhancements to build on our search capabilities. We’re excited to be the first in Australia to implement this platform.

We completed the final stages of the platform replacement recently and are pleased to report that the transition was seamless and is already providing search efficiencies. Next we’ll be focusing on ongoing enhancements to search, both front and back end changes which will improve the way people search for jobs and candidates through our unique matching experience.

Duncan Norman is the Senior Product Manager for the Search experience here at SEEK.