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A big year ahead for SEEK

06 Feb 2014

15 years ago SEEK changed the way people found jobs and sourced talent in Australia and New Zealand. We're going to do it again – with the aim to evolve SEEK beyond being the biggest job site.  We want to be the fastest and easiest source to find the most relevant role or candidate. 

What we are working on

To help us become the fastest and easiest way to find the most relevant role or candidate we are focused on 4 key themes:

  • Improve the candidate relationship with a more personal SEEK
  • Better matching of candidates with roles
  • Make the experience seamless across mobile channels
  • More and better targeting solutions

We are improving the candidate relationship in order to deliver a more personal experience for candidates.  We will be collecting more information about candidates – what roles they are interested in, their history and also their behaviour on SEEK. This will help us get the right opportunities in front of candidates and vice versa.  Over the next few months we will be doing several experiments to identify new ways to collect this information.

To better match candidates with roles we are improving the search algorithms, our structured data and the end user search interactions.  We are also building out a big data capability in order to automatically match candidates with roles.  Finally we are working on an improved way for hirers to ask candidates questions to quickly identify whether the candidate is a match for the role.

Our mobile stream will continue to build out the features needed to have a seamless experience across SEEK.  We will be upgrading our mobile website and our iPhone and iPad apps.  We are also getting ready to build our Android app.

Our efforts to provide more and better targeting solutions are in line with digital advertising trends – where publishers are able to help advertisers target a specific audience.  In addition to offering our traditional job ad products, we are improving our candidate database (called Jobseeker Profiles), while investigating new options to target ads based on ‘who a candidate is’ in addition to ‘how they behave’.

How we are doing it

At SEEK we use data to inform product design and drive product development.  We focus our product development on solving the highest priority problems for our customers while also thinking about longer term issues rather than shorter term ones.

Over the past few years we have transitioned from waterfall development to agile in order to speed up our product development. We are now starting to build on our successful transition to agile.  We are trialling more A/B testing, new approaches to user testing, and launching much smaller releases more frequently.  We have also been building on our innovation culture – most recently with the introduction of periodic hackathons.

Who we are

The Product, Development and Strategy team at SEEK are a passionate group that develop SEEK’s strategy, and build out SEEK’s products in Australia and New Zealand.  This blog provides some insight into what we are working on, how we are doing it and who we are, so stay tuned for plenty more updates.

Doug Blue is the Product Director here at SEEK.