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Thanks Prycey, from SEEK! The Agile Legacy

31 Jan 2017

Dave Pryce has been smiling up the teams of SEEK for over nine years. Having started as a Business Analyst straight from Europe he quickly joined the conversation about ‘how can we work better’.

Even before the ‘agile transformation’, we always were looking for ways to reduce documentation, and chunking down the work.

SEEK embarked on the transformation journey after a business review recommended it as a great fit for our culture. It’s an interesting difference to many organisations who use agile as a lever to reform their cultures. To help with the agile introduction community leaders Simon Bristow, Mark Henery and Benn Wheeler were brought in. ‘Prycey’ — as he’s affectionately known by SEEK peeps - joined in to become a long term leader of agile learning.

photo of David Pryce

Over his time at SEEK, we guesstimated that he contributed to:

  • 10+ “Getting Agile” training courses
  • Lots of tours
  • Lost count on how many Kanban walls
  • 1000's of user stories across different product components
  • 100's of sketches (that everyone loves and will definitely miss)
  • 1000+ whiteboard photos of collaborative work
  • 80+ Retrospectives
  • the creator of SEEK Agile Dojos
  • not enough birthday cake

Everyone at SEEK contributes to the culture and we are proud to be a part of it. AND it’s good to say thank you and acknowledge the contribution of Prycey as he moves onto agile consulting. Well done Prycey!

What was your favourite thing at SEEK? “Go live team lunches, and of course lots of birthday cake!”

Whats your most memorable saying? “what’s the point of powerpoint?”

What’s the biggest agile change at SEEK over the years? the growth from a visual designer to UX Group and customer research to improve customer driven value.

Is it true you’re cycling to Brisbane? “ No, but Rob Scherer will be shearing sheep till I get back.”

Written by Stephanie BySouth, Agile Coach