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Thinking like a start up

14 Jan 2014

In November last year we held our inaugural SEEK Hackathon which saw our Product, Strategy  and IT teams jump in and focus on innovation for 2 days.  While hackathons are not a new concept, it was our first, and it was great to see the business ‘down tools’ on our stream work and focus entirely on the hacks for two days.

The enthusiasm from the rest of the business really helped us come up with some great ideas. We saw a total of 95 ideas submitted from all departments across SEEK and we whittled them down to 18 to provide a great cross section of ideas over the course of the 2 days. Teams were able to make great strides in their projects with many delivering working prototypes and some almost ready to implement straight away. What really stood out was the overriding sense of excitement, innovation, collaboration and creativity that pervaded every floor at SEEK HQ in Melbourne. This culminated in a marketplace event and awards ceremony that saw all the ideas and hacks gain instant recognition and feedback.

A number of the ideas from the hackathon are now being worked on by teams, and many have provided us with valuable learnings that we’re taking into our Product Roadmap initiatives. Some of the technical ideas generated are also going to be implemented to speed up and improve the quality of our product development and engineering practices.

Having the space to be innovative and work on ideas with people from across the company is a pretty great thing. Many of these ideas have developed into some really interesting and potentially game-changing outcomes from passionate people eager to push SEEK closer to goals and we look forward to our next hackathon.


Lucy Klem is the Product Launch Manager for the Product team here at SEEK.